Kate Netz, RDN, LD

Nourish DSM, LLC

Email: katenetz@nourishdsm.com

Phone: 515-423-0115

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Integrative & Functional Nutrition is an individualized, holistic approach to wellness that considers all aspects of one's health when creating a nutrition care plan. There is no one diet or way of eating that is right for everyone. By conducting a thorough nutrition assessment that looks at your current/past diet history, health conditions, symptoms, medications and supplement use, potential toxic burden, and many other factors, together we will develop a customized plan that is specific to you.  


As a dietitian, I cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions and I do not take the place of your doctor. We know that symptoms provide clues, so together we can begin to use nutrition therapy to address the underlying causes of your symptoms or health condition. Together we will develop a realistic nutrition plan to support you in your healing journey. For most people, this starts by looking at what you're eating, addressing your gut health and improving your microbiome (all of the trillions of bacteria that inhabit your gastrointestinal tract).  We will also address lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your symptoms such as sleep quality, stress management, physical activity, and much more. By looking at your entire picture, we can begin to support your whole body with real food and high quality nutritional supplements. I may also recommend further lab or functional testing to aid in your nutrition assessment and plan.


By partnering together, you will receive uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you regain hope and achieve the results you're looking for!