Kate Netz, RDN, LD

Nourish DSM, LLC

Email: katenetz@nourishdsm.com

Phone: 515-423-0115

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Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my website. My name is Kate Netz, owner of Nourish DSM. I am a holistic Licensed Dietitian and Health Coach located in Des Moines, IA.


After graduating from Iowa State University and completing my 1200-hour dietetic internship in 2001, I began my career working in a hospital practicing clinical nutrition as Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian. In 2009, I completely switched directions and started working in corporate wellness, coaching clients on making lasting health behavior changes.

After my son was born in 2013, I began noticing big changes in my own health and well-being. I thought I was just a tired new mom but after a while I began seeing some major red flags. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, and brain fog nearly every day. After trying unsuccessfully for baby #2 for two years, I started seeing a functional medicine practitioner to address my worsening symptoms and underlying causes of infertility.

As I focused on the root causes of my health issues and implemented personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes, I began to see huge improvements in my symptoms over the next few months. I no longer felt like I was walking around in a fog or dealing with low energy and lack of motivation to do anything. 18 months later, my husband and I achieved pregnancy naturally and our little girl was born this summer.  

My personal journey led me to start my integrative and functional nutrition practice in order to help other women find hope again! I have continued my professional education by completing core training in Functional Nutrition and I am currently certification-eligible for a Certificate of Training in Integrative & Functional Nutrition, which is an intensive 18 month program led by one of the top functional medicine dietitians in the country. I have also been trained in behavior modification and motivational interviewing techniques through Wellcoaches, a leading health coaching organization.

While my philosophy is “Food is Medicine”, I will always address the whole you. Together we will explore all of the things that might be keeping you from feeling like your best self, with a heavy emphasis on progress not perfection. The changes I successfully implemented are the same areas I work on with my clients because they lay the foundation for optimal health no matter what you're dealing with: eating the right food at the right times, decreasing inflammation, getting good quality sleep, managing your stress well, reducing your toxic burden, and restoring gut health. 

Looking back, I could not be more thankful for the health and fertility struggles I went through these past few years because it allowed me to find my true passion. At a time when I was really questioning my career direction, I found a whole new side of nutrition and healthcare that addresses the root causes and leads to optimal health and well-being.

Interested in seeing if we would be a good fit to work together? Schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call where we can discuss how I might be able to help you start feeling WELL again. You don’t have suffer anymore – your body is designed to heal and feel well!

In good health,