December Virtual Series, Best OF

If you are wanting more yoga and meditation in your life but don’t have time to make a class, this is a great opportunity to create grounding and calm on your own time.  This series will give you a recorded meditation and yoga practice each Monday, with a specific intention, to do at your own pace.  This month, these will be a selected "best of" from the last few months

Cost: $15

December Yoga and Meditation Workshop ~ Calm & Grounding in the Season

Join for a short self-reflection and intention setting for the season, followed by a yoga practice which emphasizes grounding, peace and presence, concluding with a guided meditation.  A perfect way to slow down during a busy time and create space for you. 


December 12th, 10-11:30

*this class will be live and virtual, via Zoom


12 Months of Intention ~ Yoga, Meditation & Transformation

Meet once a month with a small group of women and set a specific intention related to the month’s theme, based on what you need and want to be your authentic self.

Couples' Therapy Intensive

offered once per month as a way to do the first 3 couples' therapy sessions in one segment.

Saturdays, 10:00-1:00

*dates vary each month, please inquire about specific schedule

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