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People seek therapy for a variety of reasons including major life challenges, depression, grief and loss, anxiety, personal growth and many more. Jamie's process is molded to your unique situation and as an end result, meets the needs for your success.  


Through individual therapy Jamie will work one-on-one to explore patterns and set and achieve goals in order to gain personal insight and create change.



Jamie works with couples in various stages of relationships in order to explore cycles and patterns so you can create increased understanding and communication.



When Jamie works with you and your family she addresses present issues and explores the necessary skills to increase communication and work through negative interaction cycles. Blended family issues, divorce, grief and loss, marital conflict, sibling discord and substance abuse are a few examples of family issues.



Everyone has a story, and each story is different and deserves to be told. Our stories at times can be filled with unexpected and sometimes overwhelming challenges that affect each of us in different ways. Through my own personal and professional story, I have discovered that building a supportive relationship through therapy creates a safe place to explore life struggles, understand difficult issues, develop new skills, enrich relationships, and work through situations to lead a more authentic life.

My goal in providing therapy is to create a safe and supportive environment where we can identify how to best address your situation, work toward goals, and find solutions that will work for you.

I utilize a varied theoretical approach, centered on forms of therapy including marriage and family, cognitive behavioral, brief/solution focused, emotionally focused, and strategic.


Therapy is an opportunity to build connections within yourself, your personal relationships, community, and faith. My philosophy is that you are whole, possessing all of the tools that you need in order to build on, and explore, desired connections. My role as a therapist is to help connect you to your inner strengths, beliefs, and values to enhance your life experience and achieve your goals. I am currently am working with individuals experiencing a variety of life stressors that include: life transtions, academic or vocational stressors, grief and loss, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation and trauma.

I value the therapeutic relationship and the role it plays in personal growth and change while applying evidence based interventions to support goal attainment. I often support clients with finding the balance between being an observer and participant in life, exploring values, and challenging unhelpful thoughts that impact feelings and behavior.

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