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Yoga is an ancient spiritual discipline, which uses both movement and meditation. While yoga creates mind/body wellness and relaxation, it prepares us for increased self-awareness, which aids the process of talk-therapy. This unique offering provides you a more engaging and active way of healing, while having the experience of turning inward and self exploration as well as the power of community.

Yoga Group Therapy

This is a combined process of traditional group talk therapy with the mind-body approach of yoga. You are able to connect with others facings similar issues like anxiety, depression, major life transitions, trauma, and then, turn inward to explore your own issues, and find healing with the mind body connection of yoga.  This is a six-week program, meeting 75 minutes each week.


Yoga Wellness Coaching

Yoga can help you meet your goals both physically and emotionally and provide you a feeling of enhanced wellness. Coaching is often combined with individual therapy and used when you wish to use movement to create change. You will work to create a yoga sequence designed for you, which meets your own body and goals.


Prenatal Yoga

These group prenatal classes encompass the idea of a community where you, as women, are able to talk about a specific topic while moving your body and connecting with your baby.

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